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Multi-Family Homes and Corporate Offices

With our Parcel Locker Solution, it becomes extremely easy to meet end-users need for efficient delivery. With continued reliance on online ordering, the need for parcel lockers will only increase. We can provide OEM and ODM services to produce or create the perfect package management solution for your business. With more than 20 years of smart locker manufacturing experience, we have launched parcel weight lockers, sorting systems, delivery lockers and other products to provide a "one-stop" solution for express logistics.

Schools and Universities

Storage lockers free up students to focus more on what matters and less on where to put their heavy backpack so it doesn't get stolen. Our lockers have helped route packages to students in a university setting as well as provide students with a no-hassles solution for storing there personal items on lengthy walks to and from class.

Retail and Grocery

Retail and grocery can have complex heavy-flow environment that would require maximum standard of security. Our temporary storage lockers facilitate safe and easy storage of retail items, perishable items, and other products.

Amusement Parks and Entertainment Venues

Our keyless electronic temporary storage lockers with multiple authentication capabilities make your amusement parks and othr entertainment venues highly secure for long-lasting storage, free from any jams and costly maintenance. Use our Single-Chip Microcomputer control units as cost-effective choices for easier access, or our Industrial PC embedded control unit, which offers more possibilities by connecting with unlimited add-on units.

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